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Kevin McGuire of Sun Peaks Plumbing & Heating has a way to keep propane costs low, even in the upcoming cold months.


By installing a fireplace blower, more of the heat generated by a propane, gas or wood burning stove can be pushed into the house instead of being lost up the chimney.

Additionally, the fan’s temperature activated switch cuts the amount of time the gas fireplaces are on for. When the thermostat detects a temperature of 120F, the fireplace will turn off, but the blower will run for an additional 20 minutes, using more of the generated heat. By utilizing this heat more evenly throughout the house, customers have saved up to 40 per cent on their gas bills.


Sun Peaks resident i installed one of the systems last fall, and hasn’t looked back.

“Up until this past winter, my gas bill was about $100 per month. I installed the fan in the fall, and it cut my winter bill to $60 per month, even through the few very cold weeks we had up here,” he said.


But there’s been noticeable change in more than just his gas bill.

“You can really feel the heat in all of the room, not just the heat that radiates from the fireplace. The fan makes more of the heat usable, instead of lost out the chimney.”
Turner said he expected a two year return on his initial investment.

“I just wish I’d known about it sooner,” he said.

As of June 2017, Sun Peaks Utility Co. Ltd. increased their gas prices from $9.6750/Gj to $13.8474, a 43% increase.

 Check the manufacturer's instructions before adding or modifying a mantel or surround—a minimum clearance to combustible materials is required. 


• Keep the external vent clear of debris 


Visit for more gas fireplace safety tips.

Fireplace Blower Installation

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