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Tips to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

What can you do to stay safe?


Keep your home and family safe with these easy tips recommended by FORTIS B.C: 


• Keep your gas meter clear of snow, ice,  leaves and debris, and don't enclose it. 


• Keep the area around your furnace or water  heater clear and free from combustibles. 


• Keep your gas meter well protected from vehicles in your driveway or carport. 


• Only buy gas appliances certified by trusted testing organizations such as the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Underwriters Laboratory (UL). 


• Have a licensed gas contractor install,  inspect and maintain your  appliances and vents regularly (in most cases, annually) to ensure they are in good condition. 


• Keep your appliance manuals and read  them for safe use, care and maintenance instructions. 


• Have a licensed gas contractor check the gas  pipes in your home for corrosion or other faults. 

• Check into a carbon monoxide detector  for your home. Its like a smoke detector, but sounds an alarm if too much carbon monoxide builds up in the air.  


Learn more about having your appliances serviced or gas safety tips, visit 


Safety is in your hands! Remember, if you smell gas, act fast and get out. Keep your cool, get out of the building, leave the area and call for help. 


In an emergency, call 911!

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