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Full-Service Furnace Maintenance and Safety Inspections 




We are committed to providing comprehensive inspections and maintenance programs for your furnace. An annual checkup can help prolong the life of your heater while also reducing safety 



Annual Safety Inspections are:


    - Recommended by the Canadian Fire Safety Association, insurance companies, your local gas provider and BC Safety Authority

    - Required by most furnace manufacturers to keep your 10 years parts warranty valid

    - Completed by a Licensed Qualified Gas Technician and includes a 30 Point Inspection Checklist

    - Designed to keep your family safe by reducing gas & carbon monoxide leaks in your home

    - A great way to maintain and/or increase the efficiency of your heater


30 Point Furnace Inspection Checklist


Here is the checklist used for each of our furnace safety inspections. Our technicians comprehensively evaluate your furnace to help prevent future operational issues.

Furnace Blower Motor


Furnace Blower Pulley

Furnace Blower Belt

Furnace Motor Pulley

Furnace Blower Bearings

Furnace Motor Bearings

Furnace Motor Alignment

Furnace Inducer Fan

Furnace Vent Motor

Furnace Electrical Circuit

120 Volt Circuit

24 Volt Circuit

Furnace Wiring Condition

Furnace Ignition Control Module

Furnace Pilot Assembly

Furnace Thermocouple


Furnace Hot Service Igniter


Furnace Flame Sensor Rod

Furnace Switches and Controls

Emergency Shut Off Switch

Furnace Summer Fan Switch

Furnace Fan Control

Furnace Limit Control

Furnace Gas Control Valve

Furnace Combustion Chamber

Furnace Heat Exchanger

Furnace Primary Air Intake

Furnace Draft Hood

Furnace Chimney Flues

Check for Gas Leaks & Carbon Monoxide Levels

How to Maintain a Furnace

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