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Gas Fireplaces Safety & Performance

Ensure Your Gas Fireplace Operates Safely and at Peak Performance 


To help ensure that your fireplace always operates safely

and at peak performance, here are some simple tips for its care and maintenance


• Have a registered gas contractor clean and inspect your fireplace on a regular basis or as recommended in your owner's manual.


Familiarize yourself with the owner's manual and manufacturer's operating instructions, and keep the instructions handy. 


• Contact your fireplace dealer if you do not understand the instructions for your fireplace.


• If your fireplace is being installed in a home during construction or renovations, do not operate it until the area is thoroughly cleaned (drywall dust and other contaminants may harm the fan, motors and burners). 


• Check your vent periodically, as recommended in the  owner's manual if the viewing glass or seal needs replacing, use only materials supplied by the fireplace manufacturer (items must be suitable for the application and temperature) and do not use your fireplace until this repair is complete. 

 Check the manufacturer's instructions before adding or modifying a mantel or surround—a minimum clearance to combustible materials is required. 


• Keep the external vent clear of debris 


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