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Meet Kevin McGuire!

Kevin continues to update his education at every opportunity and has also passed the Hazardous Materials course and various HVAC courses at BCIT.  He has a mould remediation certificate attained from attending an Amerispec of Canada work shop. He attended and passed the “Train The Trainer” course put on by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) at the end of March 2007, and is certified by NRCan to license energy auditors for the ecoEnergy initiative program.

Kevin has been involved in the “Green” movement since before it became popular to be green.   Since 1992, Kevin’s company worked with home and commercial property owners to make their systems more efficient encouraging clients to go energy efficient when upgrading or installing new heating and air conditioning systems.  His, was one of the first companies (Energy Wise Solutions) in the west to contract with NRCan to complete Energuides for houses assessments, for Canadian home owners, on behalf of NRCan.

In 1995, Kevin’s  company, Britannia Mechanical, was the first company to be awarded a sole contract with B.C. Gas to service their residential customers. The company used only Government registered gas fitters to complete fieldwork as per the Gas Act of Canada, local and Provincial codes. This work included regular maintenance and repairs, indoor air quality and duct cleaning for heating and cooling systems.

As an experienced businessman he has established many business contacts and negotiated contracts with large and small companies such as: Norson Construction, B.C. Gas, Sears Canada, and Cromwell Restorations. In the Summer of 2011 Kevin sold the majority of the shares in Energy Wise Solutions in order to concentrate in operating a newly formed general contracting firm, Energy Wise Home Solutions.  The idea is to offer people a choice to have a one stop shop company who ensure all the renovations being completed have the necessary permits and are installed to code.

Kevin was born and educated in Scotland he attended local school before joining the Air Force where he became an Aircraft Mechanic.  He gained vast experience in this trade and specialized in precision engineering which included repairing and servicing of components and parts related to fields such as hydraulics, pneumatics and liquid oxygen systems.  After leaving the Air Force he decided to utilize his expertise as a licensed aircraft mechanic and obtain further licenses in the following trades: plumbing, gas fitting and electrical. He felt it was necessary to provide a one stop technical shop for general contractors and property owners.  This not only helped make him a well-rounded tradesman but also gave him a thorough understanding of how electrical/mechanical systems worked in conjunction with each other.
Shortly after coming to Canada in 1990 he obtained his B.C. equivalent trades qualification tickets (TQ) and currently holds an A class plumbing TQ, B class electrical TQ, and a B class gas fitting TQ.  After obtaining these licenses he then became a certified electrical, plumbing and heating contractor.
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